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Being a young twenty-something, I’ve moved around a lot in the last five years. Whether it be moving from dorm to apartment to post graduate apartment, or even the mini visits back home with my parents in-between; the constant moving can make it difficult to make my space feel like my own. I used to be OBSESSED with decorating my room in fun and different ways to really bring out my personality and finding the little ways to make my personal space look more high end on a very limited budget was my favorite pastime. I would spend hours on Pinterest and Google searching decor styles and then finding a way to implement them into my home with a fun DIY project. There’s nothing better than knowing you created your own safe haven with a little glue and glam!

Here are a couple of my rules to live by when decorating and fun ideas to create for a room that is as #extra as you are!

Rhinestones and Shine!

Ugh, okay I know. Even saying the word rhinestone out loud makes me feel like I’m ten years old and way too cool for plastic gems. But here is the epiphany I had that made me get over my hatred of rhinestones: reflecting light looks good and adding them yourself makes it CUSTOM. I like custom anything, that’s just the truth! If it has my name on it, I want it (good luck finding Ginger on anything in stores). Anyways, these little gems are super affordable for a bunch and with the right glue you can affix them to literally anything!!! You can get a ton of them here for under five dollars!

Last week I went on a day trip to Chicago with some friends and wanted a custom shirt. All I did was get a cute, plain T shirt (I got this one at Five Below), cut the sleeves and length to my liking and add a few rhinestones where I wanted! The result was so cute, I got compliments all day for a shirt that cost me a couple of bucks!

I also got a backpack at Walmart for less than five dollars and glued a giant initial G on it to make my backpack look more glamorous and it turned out SO cute! Look at the way it grabs the light in the photo without looking cheap. That’s me on the left and I’m also wearing the shirt pictured above in this photo too!


Mirrors work to add glam to any room for a similar reason that rhinestones do. Other than being practical decor, mirrors reflect light and not only make a room look brighter, they also make a room look bigger and more spacious than it actually is!

I love this idea of hanging those inexpensive full length mirrors left over from dorms or college apartments in a way that opens up a room! It’s a cheap way to make a room look a lot more high end and can be hung easily with a couple of command strips to protect walls!

Source: InspiraHogar

This next photo isn’t my house but I’ve done this idea before! I got my hexagon mirrors at Dollar Tree for a dollar each in the candle aisle. They are marketed as coasters but make great wall art! I also love these ones on Amazon if you want to recreate the art from below! You can find them here. I like to hang using command strips. I cut them in half and keep the end that doesn’t have the pull tab on the back of the mirror because I move a lot and that way I save strips = save money! You can hang them in several different ways and in buy shapes.

Source: Flodeau

Color Scheme

You don’t have to have a super specific color scheme but have an idea of what colors you like in your room. I like to start with the classic black, white, and gold. From there I like to add my favorite color, red. But remember that neutral colors are great to add in wherever! I recommend picking colors that are ageless and not too trendy to avoid disliking the room when the colors aren’t as popular anymore. You can search online for thousands of ideas of color palettes that look great together to get an idea of where to start. The source I have linked below has a lot of beautiful palettes for inspiration!

Source: Color Palettes

Spray Paint!

Spray paint items in the colors you chose above! I got a nice can of gold colored spray paint to make certain pieces in my room look more higher end. Be sure to keep the colors consistent so you don’t end up with seven different shades and finishes of gold. This is a great and easy DIY project and better yet it allows you to update old trinkets and give them new life! I love keeping this tip tucked away when I visit thrift stores too because you never know what would look amazing in your home with just a little coat of paint! I once did this with a cool vase I found and it looked great on my bookshelf! Other items that take paint really well are picture frames, miniature statues like bookends, storage boxes, and even furniture!

Source: Lights For All Occasions

Big Art

Displaying a few bigger pieces can take up space in your room and add a big impact! There is a lot of ways you can do this. I you have a bookcase, style it so that instead of just holding your books, it displays them! Love posters? Take your favorite poster and frame it instead of just taping it to the wall. Instant upgrade! You can also have large pieces that take up no room at all! A wall dedicated to a mural is a fun and unique way to glam up any space! My DIY tutorial for a huge wall mural is sure to amp up your home. Better yet? It’s super affordable and is completely removable for renters! You can find the tutorial to that here.

Keep Nice Items Out!

This is something that I looked over for so long! Everyone has a couple of pretty or unique looking items that are hiding in our closets or drawers. Pull those bad boys out and display them as decor! For your bedroom you can display a cute pairs of shoes that match your room for some added glam. I used to hang my Kate Spade purse on the wall so that it added to the décor of the room. Sure I got it for a huge discount, but no one knows that so it still adds some class to my room! Think about putting out your perfume, a cool bottle of nail polish, or a tube of lipstick on a tray and ta-dah! You now have a centerpiece for an end table, book case, or coffee table!

For the rest of the house think about cool looking books or decorative pieces. Go outside of the box, you never know what you already have that could make a really neat addition to the house! Remember my love for rhinestones earlier?! I store those gems in a clear mason jar and place it on my end table to add some shine and sparkle to my room!


What do you think of these decor ideas? Is there any other fun ways that you like to liven up your room?

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