DIY Festival Bra Top!

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Beer, dirt, and nonstop music. The three days of my summer that I look forward to all year long! Festivals have been around for ages but recently have made a leap in popularity. Last summer I took a chance and decided to share a campsite with some friends for the Faster Horses music festival in Michigan. Let me tell you it was a game changer. I had no idea what to expect but halfway through the first day I knew I would have to go back.

Anyways, if you’ve learned anything about me from this website then you know I love being just a little bit extra when I get to go places that I’m excited about. (Find that article here.) That being said, my friends and I decided to make our own DIY bandana tops to fit in with the America theme that is Country Music Festivals. We decided to use bandanas, but really any fabric will work. Years back I made a similar bra top that was basically a giant bow sewed to a bra. For that top I just picked the fabric from a grandma shirt at the thrift store and it worked great! (If you are interested in the bow top I made a few years ago let me know in the comments and it can make an appearance.) So grab your bra and fabric and let’s get sewing!

Before we start, let me just say that I am not a seamstress. Let me clarify, I know how to thread a needle and tie a knot, but when it comes to sewing and making my own clothing that is about as far as my talents can lend me. This little fault has not stopped me from making some fun tops, and it shouldn’t stop you either if you like crafting and making custom DIY items!


Needle and Thread

(I used invisible thread since my fabric was multiple colors. You can get some here.)


I used a strapless bra like this one here

Fabric or bandana

Have fun with the fabric you used. There are so many fun and cheap options. I love the look of these ones here and here!

Let’s Get Sewing!

To start my top I bunched up the center of my fabric into about three small folds. I like to do this because it makes it a little easier to shape the fabric over the top if it’s gathered. Once I had this small little gathered part ready to go, I sewed it to the center of the bra between the cups. Whenever I sew tops or clothes like this I like to start from the back so that the knots aren’t showing when I wear it! Once it is sewed securely in the center, start playing with how you want the fabric to lay on the rest of the top. I chose to do one bigger fold across each side so that it would lay a little smooth against the bra.

Once the fabric is laying how you like it, sew along the edges until the entire area is fully attached. I like to sew as close to the edges or even just behind the cup as possible because my stitches tend to look like I’ve never seen a straight line before. After all the fabric is sewed on how you like it, start trimming away the extra fabric. Leave enough extra so that you can tuck and sew away the excess to make the top look cohesive.

I decided on using a strapless bra for mine but since I knew it would be a long day I wanted to have straps so I wouldn’t have to worry about my top sliding around. To attach the straps that came with the bra I just felt where the loop was under my bandana and made a small cut to access hook the straps on.

For my top once everything was sewed the way I liked it, I still didn’t like the look of the center of my bra. To cover it up I took a little spare fabric, rolled the raw edges underneath and looped it over the entire middle section and sewed into place!

If I had more time to make my top until waiting until the night before I would have added more bling. As you can see in the photo I got a little excited and purchased chains and studs to really deck it out but I like how my top turned out just the same!

I decided to wear my new top with a jean vest (like this one here) but most of the day was so hot I wore just the bra. We got a lot of compliments at the festival and I posted this picture below which caught the attention of one of the vendors: Soap and Glory! They even invited us to their adorable beauty parlor in the festival grounds to try some of their products.

If you liked this tutorial and want to see more like it let me know in the comments below! And if you decide to make your own top or festival gear message me and we can feature you on our new Instagram!

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