My 5 Fall Favorites

My first fall in California is feeling very different than my typical season growing up in the Midwest. As beautiful as Los Angeles is, there’s something enchanting about a fall in Michigan when the leaves change colors and the pumpkin patches open. In the middle of this palm tree encrusted desert, I have found my five staple items that are making my autumn a little more fun and sparkly this year. Here are the five things I can’t go without this fall!


1. Febreze candle in the scent Asian Woods

No fall would be complete without my all time favorite candle. Seriously guys, it’s THAT good. I discovered it  about five years ago and fell in love with how cozy and spicy the scent is! The scent of patchouli, musk, amber, and vanilla means that you can light this candle all the way through winter and I swear you’ll never get sick of it (or at least I don’t!). Unfortunately, this beaut is only available for purchase during the fall season so either stock up on a couple of little guys or get the jumbo one like I do!

2. Hoop Earrings

Okay, okay, I know I’m late to the earring game. I normally don’t wear earrings or wear giant studs if I do but this fall I’m all about the hoops! Since I’m a beginner to hoops, I opted for a set of 6 from Forever 21. The set made the most sense for my purposes. This way I could work up my courage from dime sized hoops to soup can rings, and man am I glad I have the variety!

3. Moccasins

This favorite is a little close to heart for me. The last four years of my life I was finishing my undergraduate degree at Central Michigan University. The college town is located within the Isabella Indian Reservation (this is it’s technical title). Because of the placement, my school has a strong relationship with the native american community. All freshman have an orientation going over culture to ensure we are honoring the tribe to our fullest extent. During my years I made friends with some of the people still living on the reservation. This gave me an insight to what life was like for them, even in the year 2017.

I’m not claiming to be an expert on culture and I’m not trying to make any statements about what is right or wrong. I do, however, want to do my best to show love and support to a place I lived and it’s people and heritage. Even if it’s only in a small way. One way I like to do this is by wearing my favorite moccasins!

This iconic footwear is not sacred in native american culture as they do not represent status and everyone wore them for foot protection and warmth. I got my pair at a site called Manitobah Mukluks and while I am not sponsored by this company I really love what they do. All of their products are made by Indigenous artists and work to support Indigenous communities. As if it couldn’t get any better, the shoes come with a certificate of authenticity and are so detailed that even the soles tell a story!

4. Hand Food by Soap and Glory

*takes deep exhale* Well I think I geeked out enough about my shoes so it’s on to my favorite hand cream! I’ve mentioned this brand in another one of my posts (to read it click here) but I really love how fun Soap and Glory products are. This “Hand Food” lotion is non-greasy and smells like bergamot and rose. It has shea and even MARSHMALLOW! This I can honestly say I wouldn’t have thought would be a reason I would enjoy a hand lotion hahah

5. Dirty Chai Tea

If you’re like me and have the daily internal battle of tea versus coffee, then dirty chai is about to be your best friend! A dirty chai is regular chai tea but with espresso added, hallelujah! Best of all, you don’t even have to go to a coffee shop to get a decent cup. I got the Celestial Seasonings Dirty Chai Tea at my local supermarket and it quickly became a favorite of mine! I like to add a bit of cream and sugar to mine to really bring out some of the spices.

So what are your fall favorites that you simply can’t live without?! Do you agree with my list? Let me know and have an awesome autumn!

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  1. Hey, Ginger, I was looking up a friend on model mayhem and came across your page, and I think you shoot beautifully, and that eventually took me here. For what it’s worth, you also write really well; I really liked what you said about your move from Michigan to Malibu, your honesty about your fears, all of it (I moved here many years ago without a job lined up either and knowing all of two people). Anyway, I’m not a mm member, my main work is in TV, but I used to shoot with agencies here and still shoot occasionally for fun and art. I was wondering if there’s an email address where I can send you my work. And I promise, I’m being sincere and legit, not looking to waste your time. Thanks, and all the best of luck here, Eric.